Perl 6 Advent Calendar


In the grand tradition of previous Perl Advent Calendars, we are going to post something we like about Perl 6 every day in December until Christmas.  This post will be updated daily to link to each post as a sort of table of contents, or you can follow this blog in the normal way you follow blogs.

Day 1: Getting Rakudo
Day 2: The Beauty Of Formatting
Day 3: Static Types and Multi Subs
Day 4: Testing
Day 5: Metaoperators
Day 6: Going Into Hyperspace
Day 7: Looping For Fun and Profit
Day 8: .comb Your Constraints
Day 9: Having Beautiful Arguments And Parameters
Day 10: A Regex Story
Day 11: Classes, Attributes, Methods, and More
Day 12: Modules and Exporting
Day 13: Junctions
Day 14: Going to the Rats
Day 15: .pick Your Game
Day 16: We Call It “The Old Switcheroo”
Day 17: Making Snowmen
Day 18: Roles
Day 19: Whatever
Day 20: Little Big Things
Day 21: Grammars and Actions
Day 22: Operator Overloading
Day 23: Lazy Fruits From the Gather of Eden
Day 24: The Perl 6 Standard Grammar
Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses to “Perl 6 Advent Calendar”

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    […] на русский язык второй статьи (Day 2: The beauty of formatting) цикла Perl 6 Advent Calendar. Статья посвящена форматированию в Perl […]

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