Day 3 – Atom Editor support

If there is one thing in abundance in the world of programming, it’s text editors. It seems like at least once a month a new one will be trending on HN or Reddit.  While many are often just pet projects or slow to add features, Github’s Atom Editor has rapidly gained a strong feature-set and has risen far above the pack and now competes with Vim, Emacs, and especially Sublime Text. Though many see Atom as a text editor for web developers, it actually has packages available for pretty much any language (the Atom team has even built a program to convert TextMate packages to Atom packages, which made it easy to seed their ecosystem).

Atom’s Perl 6 support

Out-of-the-box, Atom supports Perl 6 via the language-perl package included with the base install.  However, the highlighter has many shortcomings and doesn’t illustrate (pun intended) the breadth of features that Perl 6 provides. So I endeavored to write a syntax highlighter that would be much more vibrant and let the language truly shine! And here is a glimpse of language-perl6fe: Continue reading “Day 3 – Atom Editor support”