Day 12 – Building a flexible grammar

Mrs Santa has written a basic grammar to match the simple lists that GDPR ignorant elves are collecting from around the world about who has been naughty or nice this year.

Each record is a name, followed by a tab, followed by an address, followed by a tab, followed by an assessment of naughty or nice and then finishes with a newline.

Batman 1 Batman Street, Gotham Nice
Joker 5 Joker Street, Arkham Naughty
Riddler 12 Riddler Street, Arkham Naughty
Robin 2 Robin Street, Gotham Nice

She wants to filter off the Naughty people into one list and the Nice people into another, as Krampus is going to deal with all the naughty people this year. Continue reading “Day 12 – Building a flexible grammar”