Day 16 – Checking Your List Twice

Getting to Know Perl6 From the Command Line

This was Sniffles the Elf’s big chance! After years of drudgery in the ribbon mines, they’d finally been moved up into the List Management Department. As a shiny new Associate Nice List Auditor, Sniffles was on their way to the big time.

On their first day, when Sniffles arrived, Mr. Grumble–their new boss, was waiting. “Nice List management is deep trouble, our data was accidentally erased when someone spilled milk and cookie crumbs on the server. We’d been so busy checking the list that we forgot to check our backups! And now we have to rebuild everything from scratch! After the sackings, we’re a little short handed, so it’s up to you to save the day.”

Sniffles, being particularly industrious, dove into the problem with relish. After a bit of research they realized that all the data they needed was available, they just needed to collect it.

Their friend in the ribbon mines, a self-professed oral historian named Hermie had been going on about how great Perl6 is. Sniffles decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Day 16 – Checking Your List Twice”