Day 20 – Propositional combinatorics in Perl 6

Advent is an exciting time, a time of anticipation. And not only for us humans — it is the time when elves become most inventive. Today, I want to take some leisure time out of the Christmas stress to report about some pioneering work that is being done in the area of gift wrapping. Even if you didn’t anticipate any news from there, this report might still help you improve your technique, as — I don’t have to remind you — Christmas is approaching fast.

Do you know which presents small children like most? Large presents. Therefore, the Present Enlargement Research Lab at Northpole is tasked with finding practical ways to make presents larger. Now, “large” can mean multiple things. I will admit that the 6th unit is bending the meaning a bit, but their work is by far the most interesting: they increase the volume of presents, by increasing the dimension of the gift boxes.

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