Day 25 – Calling Numbers Names

This school semester I took my first proof-based class titled “Intro to Mathematical Proof Workshop”. After having taken other math classes (Calculus, Matrix Algebra, etc.), I felt that I didn’t have that much of a mathematical foundation and up to this point, all I had been doing was purely computational mathematics sprinkled with some proofs here and there. Looking back, I found the class quite enjoyable and learning about different theorems and their proofs, mostly from number theory, has given me a new perspective of mathematics.

“How is this related to Perl 6?”, you might be asking. As I mentioned, most of the proofs that were discussed either in class or left for homework were related to number theory. If there’s one thing Perl 6 and number theory have in common is their accessibility. Similar to how the content of the elementary theory of numbers can be tangible and familiar, Perl 6 can be quite approachable to beginners. In fact, beginners are encouraged to write what’s known as “baby Perl”.

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