Day 24 – An Advent Calendar

Recently I was unpacking some boxes of books and came across a book entitled "BASIC Computer Programs for the Home" by Charles D. Sternberg. Apparently my father had purchased this book in the early 1980s and had given it to me. In any case, my name was scrawled in the front cover in the manner […]

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Day 23 – Macros

Syntactic macros. The Lisp gods of yore provided humanity with this invention, essentially making Lisp a programmable programming language. Lisp adherents often look at the rest of the programming world with pity, seeing them fighting to invent wheels that were wrought and polished back in the sixties when giants walked the Earth and people wrote […]

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Day 22 – Parsing an IPv4 address

Guest post by Herbert Breunung (lichtkind). Perl 5 brought regexes to mainstream programming and set a standard, one that is felt as relevant even in Redmond. Perl 6, of course, steps up the game by adding many new features to the regex camp, including easy-to-build grammars for your own complex parsers. But without getting too […]

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Day 21 – Collatz Variations

The Collatz sequence is one of those interesting “simple” math problems that I’ve run into a number of times. Most recently a blog post on programming it in Racket showed up on Hacker News. As happens so often, I instantly wanted to implement it in Perl 6. This is a very straightforward implementation of the […]

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