Day 22 – Testing Cro HTTP APIs

A good amount of my work time this year has been spent on building a couple of Perl 6 applications. After a decade of contributing to Perl 6 compiler and runtime development, it feels great to finally be using it to deliver production solutions solving real-world problems. I’m still not sure whether writing code in an IDE I founded, using a HTTP library I designed, compiled by a compiler I implemented large parts of, and running on a VM that I play architect for, makes me one of the world’s worst cases of “Not Invented Here”, or just really Full Stack.

Whatever I’m working on, I highly value automated testing. Each passing test is something I know works – and something that I won’t break as I evolve the software in question. Even with automated tests, bugs happen, but adding a test to cover the bug at least means I’ll make different bugs in the future, which is perhaps a bit more forgivable.
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